Some tips about using your own CSS Style Sheets in Blogger

So I have been trying to fix the Pie Chart Generator, I had a problem in displaying the CSS results.


The old generator was working this way:

  • Fetching Colors and Percentages then place them in arrays.
  • Inserting CSS rules directly inside a style sheet:
  • Editing these CSS rules using:
  • Then I display all these rules by going through a loop.

The problem I faced is that Blogger uses a different number of style sheets in each browser, and working this way, I was mixing my own CSS styles with Blogger's own CSS styles, so it was difficult to know the position of my generated rules.


The best workaround I found was to create my own style sheet.

<style id="mySheet">

Then I could manipulate CSS styles using:


I no longer need to know the index of the style sheet, I can call it directly using the ID, and I just had to add the sheet property.

Pie Chart Javascript Library

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I noticed that the Pie Chart Generator is being used a lot, so I decided to improve the way we can create this pie, using the generator you can only create static pies, but what if we need to create a pie based on numbers from a database?

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